Patches for DVBCUT (obsolete)

NOT written by me, but by the original author, Sven Over.
fixes handling of damaged MPEG audio frames
fixes some overflows in src/index.h
fixes SIGSEGV in AC-3 audio handling (caused by ffmpeg)
fixes some coding bugs and improves handling of damaged MPEG TS
fixes playaudio endless loop at or near EOF
fixes "Channel4" bug: dvbcut used to ignore legal audio PTS when the data alignment indicator wasn't set. Note that this was a workaround for broken timestamps on ARD (aka "Das Erste"), so you may have some trouble with that again. Oh well... time to develop a real fix, I guess.
fixes a "brown paper bag" bug in inbuffer::providedata that caused the function to return wrong data near the end of the file. Also removes an off-by-one error in index::check() and a bad end condition in a loop in mpgfile::decodegop(). These bugs were collectively responsible for some of the missing pictures at EOF. One bug remains, however: There's a broken call to avcodec_decode_video() in mpgfile::decodegop() which "hides" the final picture. Blame it on ffmpeg's stupid interface: It wants a buffer that is longer than the data it is supposed to decode!
When writing DVD format files with the dvbcut muxer, stuff PES packet instead of pack headers. This is required for some transcoders, e.g. vamps.
fixes a bug in AC-3 handling. This occurred only when cutting program streams (e.g. when recutting) and caused AC-3 audio tracks to be garbled.
fixes the "last picture not displayed" bug.
improves handling of missing video frames. Also corrects video presentation timestamps that are slightly wrong.
contains the patch for building without libao plus improvements for patch 11 (sequence number handling).